So you’ve got questions.
We may not have all of the answers, but we do have a few. Here are some answers to some commonly asked questions.

What services do you have?


Bible Study for all ages: 9:00 a.m.

If you’re not sure where to go, friendly greeters will direct you to a class. There is something for everyone! Because we care about security, children and youth have designated areas.

Morning Worship: 10:15 a.m.

You can expect a blended style of music—a mixture of traditional hymns with a contemporary flair. Wear whatever is comfortable—suit or jeans; you’ll find others dressed the same way. Child care is provided for infants and preschoolers through age four, and there’s no charge for the pastor’s challenging sermon at the close of the worship hour.

Sunday Evening Worship: 6:00 p.m.

Inspirational Bible study and devotion sets you up for the week. Sunday nights are also the time for occasional special musical events. Childcare is always available up to age four.


Wednesday Evening Prayer Service: 6:00 p.m.

An informal tranquil time of prayer, devotion, and praise follows the weekly dinner.

See our Sunday Bulletin for other weekly events-sorry, current copies are not available at this time.

Other Churches meeting at our facility
Nashville Chin Church: worshiping in Burmese

Meets in Chapel. Three services weekly:  Saturdays from 8-9:30 pm and Sundays from 2:30-4pm and 8-9:30pm.

First Haitian Baptist Church: worshiping in French

Meets in Chapel. Two services weekly:  Sundays from 6-7pm and Wednesday from 7-8pm.

Where are you located?

We are west of I-24 (Exit 57), about halfway between the Interstate ramps and Nolensville Pike,  just minutes from where you are at 255 Haywood Lane. Watch for the tall, white steeple with a cross; we’re in the elbow of one of the sharp curves at the top of the hill.

What do you believe?

We believe

  • In traditional family values
  • Every person is made in the image of God and is able to receive, by faith, the divine grace that He desires for everyone.
  • The Bible as God’s Word is a trustworthy guide for daily living.
  • Jesus Christ is the Son of God and that He alone gives meaning to life
  • It is the job of the entire church to share the Good News of the gospel with the world.

What exactly is a Baptist?

Ritualistic worship doesn’t do much for a Baptist. We believe that authentic faith consists of a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. This personal relationship occurs when we repent of our sin, confess Jesus as Savior, and accept Him as Lord of our lives. Some people refer to this as being “born again.”

To a Baptist, baptism is for believers only—those who consciously make a commitment to follow Christ. Since babies don’t have the ability to make such a decision, the baptism of infants is foreign to a Baptist church. Not until children reach the age when they are aware of their sin, and can make their own decision to follow the Lord, do they decide to be baptized and become members of the church.

Baptists also believe in making a big splash with baptism—literally.  New believers are submerged or immersed—whole-body style—into a pool of water. To Baptists, this method of baptism best demonstrates the believer’s death to sin. Coming up out of the water symbolizes that he is rising to walk in newness of life with His Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.

Baptists also believe in the freedom and independence of the local church. All decisions about its operation are made by the members of the congregation, with no oversight from an outside church body. A Baptist church is a democracy that enlists its own pastor and staff members, raises its own funds, decides how to spend them, and sets its own priorities for ministry.  Baptist churches, however, do work together to fund and support many worthy causes beyond their local communities.

What kind of Baptist church are you?

There are many different brands of Baptist churches—independents, Free Wills, Primitives, National Baptists, etc. We love all these members of our Baptist family, but we are proud to call ourselves Southern Baptists. We have been affiliated with the Southern Baptist Convention since our establishment in 1961, and we have remained under that umbrella ever since.

As a Southern Baptist church, we support the worthy causes of the SBC, the Tennessee Baptist Convention, and the Nashville Baptist Association. A part of our budget is committed to the Cooperative Program, the channel that provides funds for mission enterprises throughout the world and here in the United States.

On issues of belief and doctrine, we subscribe to the Baptist Faith and Message 2000, the statement of Baptist principles adopted officially by messengers to the annual meeting of the Southern Baptist Convention in that year.

How do you receive members?

We receive members in three basic ways…

1. on profession of your faith in Jesus Christ. If you have never made a public commitment to Christ, this is the method by which you would join our membership. At the close of every service, our pastor issues an invitation for people to make such a decision. You will be received by vote of the congregation and then baptized at a later time as a new believer.

2. on transfer of your membership from another church. If you have already made a commitment to Christ and belong to another church, you may join our congregation by transfer of your church membership.

3. on statement of your good standing. Sometimes church membership records go astray or can’t be produced. If this has happened to you, you can join our fellowship with a simple statement that you have been a member in good standing with a specific congregation in the past. Your request will be subject to approval by vote of our congregation.